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Clear Aligner Therapy In Santee

What is a clear aligner therapy?

Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT) is a method for gradually straightening your teeth using virtually invisible, custom-made dental appliances (called aligners) that exert consistent yet gentle pressure on your teeth to move them into place. Tooth gaps and crowded teeth can both be addressed by using these aligners. One of the greatest benefits o using Clear Aligner Therapy is that the aligners, made from a special clear plastic, are almost unnoticeable when you're wearing them.

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Clear aligners can give you
faster results (in some cases) compared to traditional braces!

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How it works: The clear aligner therapy process

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First, we’ll meet with you for a consultation to see whether Clear Aligner Therapy is the best choice for your needs. We will examine your mouth to determine the health of your gums and to check your teeth for crowding and gaps. If Clear Aligner Therapy is the best course of action, we will then discuss the goals you have for your smile, and work with you to create a treatment plan. For Emergency Dentist, we also provide the necessary treatment same-day, after-hours so you can be back to smiling with ease.

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The next step is to map your mouth with a series of digital images, and take an impression (mold) of your teeth, which will be adjusted to make sure your teeth have the best alignment possible on the mold. After this is done, we’ll send these impressions (along with the digital images) off to a laboratory that specializes in creating your clear aligners, and soon you’ll receive your first several sets to begin treatment.


Once you have your aligners, we’ll examine the fit and alignment to be certain that everything looks good to continue with treatment. We will provide you with instructions for the use of your new aligners, and you’ll begin wearing them each day, typically for 20-22 hours at a time. About every two weeks you’ll switch to a new set of aligners, and you’ll visit our office about every six weeks to pick up the next series of sets, at which time we’ll check progress to make sure your teeth are on track. Don't forget to check out our Summer Special now!

Types of clear aligners

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Invisalign can treat mild to severe cases of misaligned teeth with a variety of clear aligners. Because it’s got a long history as the original clear aligner therapy treatment, it’s a go-to choice for many patients.

The aligners used in Invisalign are made up of a patented clear, thick plastic called SmartTrack, and the material’s durability can be a benefit to patients who lead an active lifestyle.


Six Month Smiles is another great option for clear aligner therapy, and, as the name says, the average treatment time can be as little as six months Using a course of 20 active aligners, Six Month Smiles aligners are virtually invisible and can correct mild to moderate cases of teeth crowding.

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While using clear aligners, you have no limitations on the foods you can eat!

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Have questions about clear aligner therapy? Find answers here.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear Aligners gradually straighten your teeth over time using consistent yet gentle pressure on your teeth to move them into place. Treatment involves a series of custom-made aligner trays worn over the teeth. Each tray is worn for about two weeks, and provides a slightly straighter alignment than the previous one. Depending on the type of aligner used, treatment is typically completed in six months to a year to get the best result possible.

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Are clear aligners safe?

Absolutely! Clear Aligners are comfortable and safe for you to wear, as they’re made from a special BPA-free, medical-grade clear plastic.

Are clear aligners faster than traditional braces?

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Generally, yes. Clear Aligner Therapy typically gives a faster result than traditional metal braces (though naturally time frames will vary due to each case being unique to the patient and their needs). While regular braces pull on each tooth individually, clear aligners push gently on all of your teeth, which achieves a quicker alignment of your teeth. For the best results using your own custom clear aligners, it’s very important that you follow the dentist’s instructions for use.

What is the difference between Traditional Braces and Clear Aligner Therapy?

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Comfort is a major difference, since minimally-invasive clear aligner trays can comfortably and gently shift your teeth into place without needing to use the uncomfortable wires and metal brackets required in traditional braces. Also, clear aligners are discreet…and removable! Though no one may even notice you’re wearing clear aligners, you can easily take them out for a photo or function. It is important to remember that a clear aligner may not be the best choice for every patient and situation, and in fact, traditional braces may be a more appropriate choice of treatment for correcting a severely misaligned bite or a jaw that has malposition.

What's the cost of Clear Aligner Therapy?

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Because there are various factors that affect the cost of clear aligners (brand of aligner, number of appointments, insurance provider and type, and so on), the cost can be different for every patient. To find out what your cost will be, just give us a call, and during your consultation we can discuss your particular requirements and cost.

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The clear aligners we offer are easy to clean, and completely removable!


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