Laser Bacteria Reduction

Periodontal Laser Treatment of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums and bone caused by the bacteria found in dental plaque. If the plaque is allowed to remain and grow on the teeth, inflammation occurs. After 30 years of age, gum disease is the major reason for tooth loss. It is estimated that over 80% of the adult population has gum disease. This results in tooth loss. Unlike most diseases that give us early warning signs, gum disease may progress silently, often without pain or overt symptoms. What is of great concern to the dental community is the most recent research that demonstrates a link between periodontal disease and chronic infections, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and low birth-weight babies.
At Santee Dental Group, we have a program of conservative non-surgical treatment for your periodontal disease. Your hygienist will go around each involved tooth to remove any debris and calcified deposits that are adhering to your teeth in a process called scaling and root planing. This process will remove the mechanical irritants to your gums and the supporting bone. After removing the deposit around the teeth, a laser is used to selectively remove diseased or infected tissues lining the pockets around your teeth. At the same time, the laser will kill the bacteria that causes gum disease and it will promote healing of your gums around your teeth. This procedure helps rejuvenate your tissue. Many patients feel a difference even after the first visit.
The procedure is safe and FDA approved. Lasers are used because of the precise control they have offered the dental staff. One of the biggest advantages of laser therapy is the fact that many times procedures can be performed with much less discomfort and post-operative pain than with traditional procedures. Lasers perform many functions at once, but the most important function is to disinfect the pocket and tooth without the use of chemicals.
Dr. Baik and his staff have reached advanced training in the field of laser-assisted gum disease treatment. They are currently one of the few dental offices in this area to offer this high-tech, highly successful treatment of fighting gum disease. Many insurance plans do cover this treatment. For those who do not have insurance assistance, we have a number of financial options to make this procedure affordable. Laser-assisted gum treatment will give you back a healthy mouth that supports your teeth for the quality of life for many years to come.