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Dental Hygiene For The Holidays


At Santee Dental Group, Dr. Hanna and the team provide modern, relationship-based care in a warm and welcoming environment.

As a local practice, we prioritize personalized dentistry, ensuring that each patient receives the individualized attention they deserve.

We offer comprehensive Preventive Care, Restorative Treatments, and Cosmetic Dentistry. With a focus on open communication, we strive to make every patient feel comfortable and confident throughout their dental journey.



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General Hygiene & Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dental care is the basis of a healthy, beautiful smile. Along with a good daily brushing and flossing routine, regular exams and cleanings can discover and address minor dental problems before they become major, more costly issues.

Taking proactive steps to a stronger smile is one of the best ways we can care for our oral health. From early detection screenings to fluoride treatments, we provide an array of preventive services to keep your teeth and gums healthy, radiant, and protected!

Regular dental hygiene gives us the opportunity to find and address dental issues such as plaque, bacteria, and minor stains, keeping your smile beautiful and healthy. Scheduling a cleaning appointment every 6 months to help prevent problems. You should also be maintaining your smile at home with a good oral hygiene regimen.

This includes brushing for two minutes, twice a day (at least), with fluoride toothpaste. To remove bacteria, plaque, and food particles that can’t be reached by brushing alone, you should be flossing once a day. These small steps you take on a regular basis add up to a stronger, healthier smile in the long run.

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Friendly, Local Care

Rooted in Santee, we love caring for our community and brightening peoples’ days. We treat each patient like family and we’ll always go the extra mile to help you feel right at home!

Advanced Technology

At Santee Dental Group, your comfort is at the heart of our care. That’s why we use best-in-class technology to secure the most gentle, relaxing, and efficient appointments.

Personalized Services

Whether you’re looking to elevate your preventive care routine or need restorative solutions, we’ve got you covered with a full spectrum of services tailored just for you.

Santee’s Trusted Dental Home

Protect Your Smile During the Holiday Season!