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Fall in Love with your Smile this Year

We’re glad you’re here! We love meeting new patients and bringing delight to dental care. With our $190 New Patient Special, we’ll protect your smile with the preventive care you need to maintain bright and beautiful oral health. Give our kind team a call to get started!

*New patients only. Not valid in cases of periodontal disease. Cannot be used with insurance.


New Patient Special:

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$190 New Patient Special Includes

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Gentle Cleaning

Boost your smile’s shine with our professional cleanings! One of our hygienists will gently polish away plaque and hard-to-reach areas of your teeth and gums, leaving your smile refreshed and radiant.

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Oral Exam

Dr. Hanna will take a look at your teeth, gums, and mouth to catch any potential issues early. We’ll keep you informed about your oral health every step of the way, so you can smile with peace of mind.

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Necessary X-Rays

Using advanced imaging technology, our x-rays will comfortably capture a comprehensive, detailed view of your teeth and jawbones to provide the most informative and precise diagnosis.

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At Santee Dental Group, we’re here to help patients overcome hurdles that stand in the way of their oral health. That’s why we’re making it easy to access thoughtful, quality dental care with our affordable in-house membership! Featuring exclusive savings and year-round preventive treatment, our membership gives patients the freedom to enjoy thriving smiles with confidence. Start saving and join the family today!

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Cosmetic Treatment Options

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Our take-home teeth whitening kit can give you brighter teeth in a week from the comfort of your home. This is an easy and convenient way to get more subtle whitening results over time using custom, reusable whitening trays. Our first step is to take impressions of your teeth, either digitally or using a dental putty. With these impressions, we then create whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly. At home with your trays and whitening product, all you need to do is follow the instructions we provide and you can have gentle, professional-grade whitening results in no time.


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In-office whitening is a treatment process done by your dentist that provides speedy results. After just one round of whitening, your smile can brighten up to 10 shades in about an hour. This treatment is perfect if you want to whiten your teeth for an upcoming special occasion. To protect your mouth during the treatment, your dentist will apply a special protective gel to your gums, while using retractors to keep your cheeks away from your teeth and the whitening treatment. Your dentist will then apply a powerful whitener to your teeth and activate it with a UV light. After an hour, the treatment is rinsed away to reveal your bright, white smile. To achieve your desired level of whiteness, this process may be repeated several times over multiple appointments.


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Dental bonding is a non-invasive process that only requires around 30-60 minutes to complete, and can quickly restore the look and function of your smile. For bonding teeth we apply a special resin to your tooth, color-matching it to your teeth, and we sculpt this resin to correct the tooth’s shape. Often used along with the bonding process is Enameloplasty, also known as shaping and contouring. For this process we remove a thin layer of enamel from chipped, pointy, or uneven teeth, shaping your smile for a more attractive look. Whichever you choose, bonding, shaping, and contouring of the teeth are great solutions if you need restorative dentistry.


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A durable and long-lasting solution to stained, uneven, or misshapen teeth, tooth gaps, and more, veneers can quickly and completely transform the way your smile looks. To prepare your teeth for veneers, we remove some of your natural tooth enamel (an irreversible procedure. Then, we permanently apply the veneers (thin porcelain shells about the thickness of a contact lens) by attaching them to the front of your teeth for a beautiful new look.


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Lumineers are similar to regular veneers, but they can often be applied without having to remove your natural tooth enamel, in which case they can also be removed if needed. The porcelain material used in Lumineers is very thin – half as thick as regular veneers – yet they are still durable. Though Lumineers may not be best for all patients and needs, they can be a great option to improve the beauty of your smile.

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Friendly, Local Care

Rooted in Santee, we love caring for our community and brightening peoples’ days. We treat each patient like family and we’ll always go the extra mile to help you feel right at home!

Advanced Technology

At Santee Dental Group, your comfort is at the heart of our care. That’s why we use best-in-class technology to secure the most gentle, relaxing, and efficient appointments.

Personalized Services

Whether you’re looking to elevate your preventive care routine or need restorative solutions, we’ve got you covered with a full spectrum of services tailored just for you.